10 Biggest NBA Draft Steals From The Last 10 Years

Via Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports and Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

For many teams, finding talented, core players through the draft is the only way to build the foundation for a contender. Sure, high profile free agent signings can be vital to a team’s rise to prominence, but without a solid group of players already in place, it’s unlikely that they’ll choose that given franchise.

Banking on top picks isn’t a viable solution; the lottery shakes that up a bit, and the lower you are, the worse shape you’re in already. Plus, a number of guys have busted from the top few picks, so there are no guarantees.

Finding gems with later picks is what separates great general managers and scouting units from the rest. Over the last 10 years, these players can be defined as steals given that they’re performance so far would’ve warranted one of the top selections in each of their given years.

Here are 10 of the biggest steals in the NBA Draft from the last 10 years.

(The 10 drafts from 2006 through 2015.)

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