10 Longest Championship Droughts In NBA History

Via NBA.com

“No time for losers – because we are the champions!” That infamous Queen lyric, played over and over again for the championship-winning side is a knife to the back of all supporters who dream of tasting that glory for their respective teams.

Spare a thought for many fans who never know what it is like to attend a victory parade, to wear a championship t-shirt or sing that song. Sides like the LA Clippers, the Phoenix Suns, the Timberwolves, the Raptors, and, of course, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Yet as soon as a side wins that inaugural championship, the fans want more. Like a junkie in need of the next fix, winning becomes an addiction but in these cases, the clubs have left their fans waiting and waiting for that moment to come along again.

These are the 10 longest NBA droughts since their last championships.

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