10 NBA Stars Playing Better Than LeBron James Right Now

John Kuntz/The Plain Dealer

LeBron James is not experiencing a bad 2015-16 NBA Season. In fact, his stats are still incredibly healthy with 59 games played to average 24.8 PPG. That is the bar he has set himself and without him, the Cavaliers would not feature so heavily at the top end of the Eastern Conference.

However, for all his talents and consistency, the self-proclaimed best player in the game is not at the peak of the mountain right now. While he might be sitting at 6th in points per game, a case could be built that he isn’t even in the top 10 for overall performances right now. Given Cleveland have created an environment that operates entirely to suit LeBron, other ballers are doing great things under tougher circumstances where team really does come first.

He was and still remains a icon and a champion of the sport, but in the context of other franchises that are trying to squeeze blood from a stone, or those that rotate a group to share the love around, we’ve formulated a top 10 list of players who are playing better than the big man at this very moment.

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