Amber Rose Promised A Role On KUWTK In Exchange For Feud Truce

If you are already aware, the feud between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa has officially ended. But now it seems like the truce came with a price in order for Amber Rose to let bygones be bygones.

That price was an appearance in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, according to a source.

We now know that there were several reasons for Kim’s attempt for peace. First, she wants to maintain Kanye’s secrets, although one may have already been leaked during the twitter feud.

What we want to know now is what could possibly make Amber Rose care about being friends with Kim again? A source has stated that, “When Kim first talked to Amber she explained how she could make it worth her while to make up with her,” “Amber will profit off it in more ways than one.”

Now what could possibly motivate Amber? That’s an easy one to answer, money and fame of course. Because that is what the Kardashian’s have a lot of. The source continues that “Kim promised to shoot a scene for the show with her and get her paid well for it and she’s told her she will help her out with connections for her reality show.”

The source made sure to note that although Kim may be the KUWTK star it wasn’t easy to get Amber onboard and said that “Kim bent over backwards but it’s not because she likes this woman, she still despises her, but she doesn’t want her as an enemy.”