Daniel Radcliffe Leaves Option Open For Harry Potter Return


Daniel Radcliffe has recently shared that he has not totally ruled out his return as the boy who lived, either on the stage or the big screen.

As we are aware, the adult Potter is already being portrayed in JK Rowling’s other masterpiece Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, with Jamie Parker in the lead role.

But just because of an adult Potter already existing, Radcliffe says he has not closed the door yet on the possibility of reprising the famous role he had for so many years.

Radcliffe stated, “It would depend on the script. The circumstances would have to be pretty extraordinary. But then I am sure Harrison Ford said that with Han Solo and look what happened there! So I am saying ‘No’ for now, but leaving room to backtrack in the future.”

As far as keeping his hand in magic, Radcliffe has grasped his role in the sequel Now You See Me 2, which see’s him as an illusionist. But he never saw any correlation between Now You See Me 2 and Harry Potter until he was made aware of it.

He states: “They were like, ‘You are going to get loads of questions about magic again’, and I went, ‘Oh, damn, I guess I am!’ ”

Radcliffe adds: “If people want to find a correlation, they will. I should probably pay more attention, but for me Now You See Me 2 was a new type of role. I have never played a part like this in a film like this and didn’t think about the connection to magic.”