Did Chris Rock Mistake Kris Jenner For Michael Jackson?


Chris Rock was walking a fine line recently when he made a strange and off the wall comment about Kris Jenner. Chris Rock, 51, tweeted a picture of the “momager” which was actually Michael Jackson and captioned it, ‘This is my favourite picture of Kris Jenner.’

As soon as he posted it his followers immediately commented and reacted very negatively towards the funny man, coming to defend the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

One follower wrote, ‘This is disrespectful to Michael.’ Another fan tweeted ‘Disrespectful on so many levels.’ A third stated, ‘Come on man where’s the respect for the king of pop?’


A fourth follower stated, ‘Still mocking MJ? It’s called obsession; get over it and get help fast,’ while a fifth claimed the gag was ‘too soon man, too soon’.

Chris made sure not to tag Kris Jenner or any other Kardashian, and he is lucky he didn’t because we all know he would never hear the end of it. Let’s just hope word never gets her way.