Harry Potter Magically Boosts Universal’s Attendance


Universal Studios has plenty to be happy about lately. That’s because Harry Potter has magically boosted attendance at their theme parks all over America, especially with millennial falling under the boy wizard’s spell.

That is what the main conclusion of a study found that concerned the amount of foot traffic data that was collected by the tech company, Foursquare. Foursquare is known for social media and check-in apps that are used by over 50 million people monthly.

The study was comprised of location data that was used by Foursquare apps that determines attendance trends at all U.S. theme parks. Foursquare has shown that the foot traffic data is spot on and even accurately predicted the iPhone 6s sales amount last year.

The study used location data collected by Foursquare apps to determine attendance trends at U.S. theme parks.

Foursquare Chief Executive Jeff Glueck stated, “In the aggregate, we can see the cultural trends and economic trends — who is winning and who is losing,”

Theme park companies don’t normally release attendance numbers, so the data used could show an immediate impact on future attractions.

After the Wizarding World opened April 7, visits jumped up to 38%, with millennials driving around 60% of the traffic. Foursquare also noted that Universal also enjoyed the nice surge in attendance that they received once Diagon Alley opened in Orlando in 2014..