Here’s The Name Of The First Ever Live-Action Pokemon Movie

It’s official! The Pokemon Company along with Legendary Pictures will be collaborating to create a live-action version of Detective Pikachu. Detective Pikachu was recently released on the 3DS and features Pikachu as a deerstalker sleuth who communicates with humans. There is sure to be a huge bidding war over the film rights and it was just last week that Legendary won that bidding war.

The storyline for Detective Pukachu focuses on the yellow electric mouse as he teams up with a boy named Tim. Together they go in search of Tim’s father who is missing. It has not been said whether the live-action version will be similar to the animated version. There is also no release date and big names attached yet. Once completed and released, Universal will be distributing it outside of Japan and production is set to begin in 2017. It is also rumored that Detective Pikachu also has the potential to become a feature franchise.

Detective Pikachu is surely not going to be your normal Pokemon movie like we’ve seen in the past. Detective Pikachu is portrayed as being more mature than the animated series character, as it drinks coffee and flirt with girls. WO be prepared for some weird stuff happening.