It’s Official! Kylie Jenner Proves KFC Is Finger Licking Good

When you are a Kardashian/Jenner family member, one would think that they had tried everything. That’s how we felt before finding out that Kylie Jenner has never had KFC. It has to be some kind of chicken abstinence record or something.

But it’s true, not once in her young eighteen years of life has the KUWTK star endulged in Colonel Sanders’ 11 herbs and spices, until recently. Oddly, she waited until she was out visiting Tyga, who is on tour in Europe, to help herself to the delicious original recipe.

Kylie is currently traveling around with Tyga, who she had recently reconciled with, on his European tour. So Tyga decided that he needed some sustenance, so Kylie gladly joined him.

But of course, Kylie couldn’t let the moment slip away by not documenting it. So she did what she does best, Snapchat the event. Although Kylie didn’t give some kind of review about her nutritious experience, we can safely assume that the fact she took a photo of it means she could be hooked for life.