This Is How J.K. Rowling Replied To 500 Fans

Ben Faden, 11, a sixth-grader at Longfellow Elementary, was among 500 people who wrote letters urging J.K. Rowling to speak in Iowa City.

This also included people from across Iowa including the students from Longfellow Elementary. All who have received letters personally from J.K. Rowling.

Rowling sent the letters as a response to the University of Iowa’s Lecture Committee’s campaign that they launched to draw the author to Iowa City to speak at a spring event.

Unfortunately, Rowling has no plans to visit UI but the committee did receive individual responces to each individual that sent a request.

Bell Carter, Lecture Committee chairwoman stated, “It was really sweet to get them all.” She said, “Rowling is currently focusing on current writing projects so she won’t be able to make plans to visit.”

The committee plans to hold an event for letter recipients to pick up their letters at the Welcome Center in the Iowa Memorial Union on Madison Street.

Bell felt very touched that Rowling took the time out of her busy schedule to send each individual return letter. But she still hopes to bring the author to Iowa one day. Bell also stated that there will be cameras at the special event so letter recipients can record personal invites to Rowling.

Ben Faden, an 11 year old 6th grader at Longfellow, was one of many students who actually wrote spells instead of a letter to try and lure Rowling for a visit to Iowa.