Kardashian Family Ecstatic About Kylie’s Split From Tyga


Recently Kylie and Tyga have finally broken up. Kylie may be sad about it but her mom Kris and sister Kim are sure in happy spirits about it.

Kris and Kim are absolutely ecstatic about the breakup and that Kylie is done with her 26 year old boyfriend Tyga. They are so thrilled in fact that they think Tyga was only using her.

Although she is heartbroken with the breakup, her family is thrilled about the news. “Kris was one of the non-cheerleaders of a Tyga and Kylie relationship because all she saw was Tyga hanging on to the Kardashian name and making his money off them,” a source told HollywoodLife.com.

Kris was showing her support for Kylie’s sake and now that’s all over. “Kris wants more for Kylie, and more for Kylie is less of Tyga. Kris would play the part and like Tyga in public forums but it ended behind closed doors. It just came to be too much for Kylie to juggle.”

Sister Kim has also mentioned her satisfaction of Kylie and Tyga’s split but took a much more gentler approach. “Kim is so sad for her sister,” according to a source for HollywoodLife.com, “but thinks this may be a blessing in disguise.”

Sister Kim thinks the relationship was not right for Kylie but also knows that you have to see what’s out there and experience life. “Kim had her heart broken by a lot of bad ex-boyfriends before meeting her prince in Kanye. She knew Kylie and Tyga would eventually split, and she hopes her little sis can learn from this relationship and move on.”

We are all glad to see that Kylie has a strong support system and a family that will always be protective of her through any tough time including this one.