Kylie Jenner Surprises Mother Kris With Personal Lip Kit

It’s pretty obvious that when Kylie Jenner creates Lip Kits, they are going to be awesome, just look how they fly off the shelves! I’m pretty sure that even having one named in your honor would be even more exciting. So when Kris Jenner reacted to the new “Kristen” shade, the moment became even sweeter.

Kris took to Twitter to boast about her very own shade saying, “Wow I’m seriously obsessed with this color.” But of course, could you blame her? It is very fitting for the summer season and is very bright. The color looks to be a mix of coral and deep pink hues.


Although this isn’t the only time that Kylie has decided to name a color shade after a family member, it us however, the first to honor her mother. The shade is a fun and sophisticated color that you could see a classy woman wearing. It is safe to say that Kylie nailed it.