Manning Says Newton Will Be The New Face Of The NFL

AP Photo/ Julio Cortez

A week ago today, Peyton Manning said that Cam Newton would be the new face of the NFL for the next eight to 10 years. When Newton was asked about the Manning’s assessment, he did not disagree.

“Anything the Sheriff says, you can probably ink it in gold,” Newton said with a smile, referring to Manning’s nickname.

Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Now that the NFL season has come to a close and we will not see any football action until the preseason comes around in August, it seems to be an appropriate time to talk about the magnitude of this statement and where the league will be a year from now.

The face of any organization or business is usually someone with a great amount of power who’s respected by his peers. The same goes for Newton now that, according to Manning, he’s the new face of the NFL.

For the last 10 years we’ve been bogged down and bored with the Manning’s and Brady’s and Rodgers’ of the league. Now that Newton is the quarterback of what is still one of the best teams in the world, we are greeted with a new face whose best days are ahead of him.

AP Photo/Mike McCarn
AP Photo/Mike McCarn

Before the Super Bowl, Newton said that if the Broncos and Panthers both play their best, the Panthers will win. Yesterday evening, the Panthers proved that they were not the best team and that they did not deserve to win. Carolina’s offensive line and receivers constantly kept missing, play after play, which led to an ugly four-turnover game for the NFC Champions.

Next year, with many old faces potentially leaving the NFL for good (Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning), there’s more room now for a new face to come and become the most recognizable player in the world. That face will likely be Cam Newton, whose dabbing, generosity with footballs, and unheard of versatility at the quarterback position has already made him a stud and one of the best to play the game.