Now You can Catch Pokemon Using This Pokemon Go Map

Ever since Pokemon Go was launched, the main point was to catch new creatures. But ever since a bug has prevented people from enjoying that, a solution has been created that can easily catch Pokemon close to you. The app is a Google map that gives you the location of every Pokemon.

The development came from a subreddit that has dedicated himself to the developers playing with Pokémon Go. In there, someone has now figured out how to pull raw data out of the game, including the locations of gyms, the items at individual pokéstops, and where pokémon are appearing.

According to developer Ahmed Almutawa, who started playing with that access this past Saturday, had plotted the data onto a map. He then posted it onto GitHub and Reddit, and went to bed afterwards. In the morning he checked  and noticed that people were swarming to it and stated, “There’s been like 46 contributors, and this is over just two days.”

Presently, the map isn’t accessed easily. It’s not publicly hosted on any website and you can’t just install the app. These step-by-step instructions are the only way you can use it, but be warned, to use it you’ll need to use the command line. But if you don’t know what the command line is then you will need to hold off on it’s use.

After you get past that process, you’ll find a Google map that gives you a birds-eye view of all Poke!on, Pokestop, and Gym.

Almutawa said, “The very first time the map was working properly it was like 10PM. I opened the map and there was a Dratini that was three blocks down the road. I was like, ‘Nah, there’s no way it’s down the road from here.’ But I go out, and I walk there and there’s a Dratini here. I caught the Dratini my first try, so I was very proud of myself for that one.”

“It is Niantic’s game and they’re free to do with it whatever they do,” Almutawa continues. “I do hope that they’re fine with the map itself [and] it’s not causing them any issues.”

Almutawa finishes, saying “The funny thing is, I started developing this app to be able to find the more rare pokémon, but ever since I started developing it, I’ve just spent most of my time developing it and not catching pokémon. Other people have caught cool things. Not me.”