Ralph Fiennes Compares Michael Gove To Richard III


Ralph Fiennes, better known as the dark Lord Voldemort, now plays the scheming leader Michael Gove in the Bard’s play.

According to Fiennes, Michael Gove fits the perfect Richard III mentality because of him turning down the Tory leader position.

As he portrays the villain he is seen as sneaking his way towards the crown regardless of saying he has no interest in ruling the country.

After being asked which political figure represents Richard, Fiennes said: “Michael Gove is closest because all those protestations about not being fit, ‘I could never lead, it’s not in my DNA to lead’ – it’s classic Richard.”

Ralph goes on to insist that his version wasn’t exactly a Give or a Boris Johnson saying: “It’s my Richard.”

Artistic Director for thevAlmeida Theatre in London, Rupert Good stated, “No one expects it to be Richard, so in that sense he is more Michael Gove. But clearly we still, as in Shakespeare’s time, live in a period of big beasts.”