Ralph Fiennes Explains Weird Voldemort Costume Addition


As we know, Voldemort was quite possibly the most terrifying villain in literature and film. His presence was so feared that people didn’t dare to speak his name let alone whisper it.

But unlike other villains we are aware of, Voldemort had a secret that was hidden deep under his dark cloak. This secret, according to Ralph Fiennes were suspenders and garter belt.

According to the Voldemort actor, Ralph Fiennes, he also disclosed his costume changes which included being uncomfortable wearing women’s tights.

During the Graham Norton show he mentioned how he instructed the dresser for the films to remove the tights all together. In doing so it left him wearing only the garter belt and the new stockings in place of the tights.


During an interview which was broadcast on BBC Ralph says, “It was just a lot of flowing silky stuff that I kept tripping over and I had to wear women’s tights.”

“The tights would work their way down so the gusset was round my knees and I couldn’t walk as elegantly as I would like as Voldemort.”