Second Generation NBA Players Who Didn’t Live Up To Their Fathers’ Careers

Via Youtube

An incredibly small number of aspiring basketball players ever make it to the NBA, and only some of those are able to stick and have successful careers.

Often, young players who are either undrafted or drafted late end up sticking around for a little while before going back to the D-League or overseas.

The pressure mounts even more for guys whose dads were successful in the association back in the day. Almost always, they’re unable to match the accomplishments of their fathers (Klay Thompson and Steph Curry are exceptions to the rule).

Yes, guys like Luke Walton never played at the level of fathers like Bill Walton, but they at least made nice careers for themselves. The dudes on this list didn’t stick around for long, or haven’t so far.

Here are 8 second generation NBA players who didn’t come close to matching their fathers’ legacies.