The Cursed Child Script Is The Most Preordered Book

If you have grown up with Harry Potter and live your live in accordance to the wizarding world, then you know that it’s no surprise that the Cursed Child would become the most preordered book of 2016.

With Pottermania spreading from Hogwarts all the way to Ilvermorny(that’s the newly revealed American wizarding school, as hard-core Harry fans already know). Not only is it the mos preordered book here in the U.S., but also in the UK. According to Amazon, the Cursed Child tops all lists for both print and Kindle versions.

The version that we have been waiting for so patiently is the “special rehearsal edition,” which is based on the plays script currently being used. Since the play is continually being honed in accordance to audience reaction, we can expect a new version come out in 2017.

As far as we know, the script will be giving some surprises to its readers, which many of them are thousands of miles away and are unable to see the play in person.

According to producer Sonia Friedman, “It’s extraordinary that, six weeks into previews, the story still isn’t out. Rowling has already warned that the plot will make fans cry, and that Harry’s transition to husband and father hasn’t been easy.”

“The first thing Jo Rowling said to us was, ‘Harry the orphan,'” Friedman said. “The starting point was: how does a 40-year-old man, who’s also an orphan and a wizard and one of the world’s greatest heroes, how does he do the most basic thing of being a dad when he’s had no parenting experience and actually had quite a lot of abuse?”