The Top 5 50 Cent Songs According To 50 Cent

50 Cent recently made a stop in Columbus, Ohio while on tour with his EFFEN Vodka. The rap superstar stopped by Power 107.5 to share his own favorite 5 songs that he has written.

Right after 50 makes his otherwise shocking selections, 50 then goes on to mention, what he considers as words from the wise, what the late great Jam Master Jay had taught him.

Before he lists his own favorites 50 states: “It’s probably not going to be nothing everybody else likes, ‘A Baltimore Love Thing,’ ‘Ryder Music,’ ‘Like My Style,’ ‘Curtis 187’ and ‘What Up Gangsta.’ The biggest lesson I learned from Jam Master Jay when I was working with him was to not fall in love with the music. If it’s what you think it is, great — we need another one. You gotta appreciate it, like it, and then move to the next one.”

That sounds like some pretty good advice to me. Listen for yourself here: