These Rappers Predict The Future Of Hip Hop

4. Jace

“In 10 years, hip-hop will be a religion. I think music is already a religion, but if you look here being at SXSW, hip-hop is everything. It’s already like a cult. We’re out here. For people who really like rap and hip-hop, they’re immersed in it — it’s their everything. It’s not just a music genre. You follow the fashion of it, you follow the beefs. We even have God MCs, like they calling Kendrick a God MC. It’s a religion you follow. And I’m kinda speaking metaphorically but then I’m also kinda speaking literally. And me, I’m going to be one of the most well-known apostles or prophets of hip-hop when it becomes a religion. Like, ‘Jace be speaking the truth. The gospel.'”


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