This Pokemon Go Player Used These Tips To Catch Them All

Do you want to become a Pokemon Go master? Then you’ll need to learn from one.

That’s exactly what Nick Johnson became this past Thursday. He is the first Pokemon Tho player to announce publicly that he has captured all 142 unique Pokémon that have been placed in the United States.

Although it took some time, including hiring an Uber driver to drive in circles to catch his very last Pokemon to complete his conquest.

To give you an idea of how he caught them all, he explains his method that he used as well as some of his crazy adventures he found himself in along the way.

Johnson explains that his first piece of advice includes a very comfortable pair of walking shoes. In a day he mentions that he would 8 miles every day after work in his search to become a master. But his best advice for that is to jog instead because the game recognizes a jog better than a walk.

Johnson then explains if you’re trying to hatch eggs, you need to do it in a straight line. Johnson says, “the game measures distance by periodically checking in on your distance and calculating the straight-line distance between where you were versus where you are.”

So walking in circles your distance won’t be measured accurately when it comes to how far you’ve gone. This causes you to waist a lot of time and Johnson said, “I learned that the hard way.”

About leveling up quickly he says, “to focus on relatively common Pokémon like Pidgey and Weedle, because they require only 12 or 25 candy to evolve — versus the 50 or more candy it takes for rarer, more powerful beasts.”

If you are considering in using real money for Pokemon Go Johnson says, “egg incubators are the best bang for your buck, working out to about 33 cents per egg hatched.”

But he explains that the most important part of the game is to work together with other people. He says, “There aren’t many social features built in, but it’s a very social game. If you don’t know where to find a specific Pokémon, ask your fellow trainers! They’re usually happy to help out.”

One of the communities he utilized for his location was “PokemonGoNYC” which is on Facebook and Reddit where he swapped tips and many leads from other gamers.