Tyga Fighting For Kylie’s Love Amongst Haters


Tyga and Kylie might be back together but he hasn’t felt any love from the Kardashian’s lately. He is however, ready to fight for Kylie’s love amongst haters.

For the Kardashian family, this smells like bad blood. Tyga already knows that her sisters Kendall and Kim don’t like him, but he doesn’t care about that. He’s not going to simply give in or give up just because of a few haters in the family.

According to a source, “Tyga’s not about to lose Kylie to anyone, not even her family,” adding that her sisters and mother are “his biggest opposition” towards his romance with young Kylie.


“Mostly everyone in her family doesn’t like him,” says the source, “and “they’re not supportive of their relationship or how happy he makes Kylie.” After he admitted to cheating he soon found out that he has “no allies” in the Kardashian family, Tyga simply feels “so much pressure” according to the source.

It seems like Tyga has been feeling a lot more than pressure. He’s getting some serious hate. Kris and Kim were ecstatic when Kylie dumped him after suspiciouns of him using her. Kendall on the other hand turned violent after finding out Kylie had evidence of Tyga’s wrong doing.

Although Tyga finds all of the hate “overwhelming,” he has decided to simply have Kylie ignore them all and not listen to them. The source says that “he’s losing his voice,” “after countless attempts trying to convince her to turn a deaf ear to the haters in her family.”