Universal Studios’ Harry Potter Hollywood Prices To Jump Up 20%


It was only a matter of time before we would see the prices change, as Universal made the announcement weeks ago of a new pricing structure for the theme park tickets. Even though it was known to happen, the sticker shock can still occur.

In the early week, theĀ new pricing structure kicked in. Universal has stated that the idea behind it is to assist in crowd control. Which will make it cheaper and easier to attend on days where there are less tickets purchased as compared to days where there are an insanely amount of tickets sold.

The idea is also to help theme park attendees to plan ahead and buy their tickets weeks in advance online, if you do that then you’ll be paying far less than making a spur of the moment decision to go the same day.

Unfortunately, it is those people who make the spur of the moment visit that are causing all of the outcry because they expect to just show up and ask for a ticket that was $95, which has now shot up to $115! A full 20% increase.

Of course fans are blaming the New Harry Potter theme park that will be opening in a few weeks, and to be honest, they are right. The new Wizarding World attraction is expected to bring in multitudes of visitors as well as the many fans that have been looking forward to the many rides.

That is why Universal will be needing to have a good crowd control system in place any way they can. That includes encouraging visitors to buy tickets online so that the crowds are spaced out evenly. Trust them, Hermione would be proud of you for thinking in advance.