Warner Bros. Files Film Trademark For The Cursed Child


Even though the original Harry Potter series might be over, that doesn’t mean Warner Bros. has finished with them yet. Because recent trademark filings show that the film giant is looking well into the future and beyond Fantastic Beasts, which could include the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ultimately becoming a film version.

As we know, the Cursed Child script book will be officially released on July 31st. But while there has been a huge amount of speculation that the play would be a film, JK Rowling shot that speculation down…sorta.


What makes it interesting is that Warner Bros. has filed for a new film trademark for The Cursed Child — a Class 9. If you don’t know what a class nine is, it is solely for motion pictures. The other interesting part is that Rowling only made confirmation of the Cursed Child being a play, she never said it would never be a movie in the future.

So when you take the fact of Daniel Radcliffe never “ruling out” himself reprising his Potter role and the fact that Warner Bros. obviously owns the rights to Harry Potter, we can expect a lot more from the wizarding world in the future.