Why Rob Kardashian Could Consider Plastic Surgery


Recently the rumor mill has been spinning hard around Rob Kardashian and his constant weight issues. From the time of him announcing his pregnancy with Blac Chyna and their baby plans for the fall. Rob Kardashian was known for his depressive outlook until he met Chyna, which turned him around. But now it seems like Rob might be considering to undergo Liposuction which will cost $50,000.

It was just a few days ago that the first rumors began spreading concerning his weight loss. Some believe that the ru!more stem from fan outrage towards Chyna’s callous indifference of eating habit during her pregnancy. Chyna recently shared a baby bump photo and captioned it with “Why should I watch my weight when I’m pregnant?”

Chyna had shared prior to that her plans to gain 100 pounds while pregnant. Although Rob has shed quite a bit of pounds since his weight gain began a few years ago, he could possibly relapse back into his old habit of overindulgence.

Now, a new report has come to light suggesting Rob’s intentions to undergo a series of plastic surgery along with Liposuction. This suggests that Rob will shed weight and be healthier prior to his baby’s arrival. Another factor includes his late-summer wedding to Blac Chyna. The report continues saying Rob “has been so down” because of his weight gain he has been consulting with doctors that his fiancé trusts.

The article stresses that Rob “is keen to live a much healthier lifestyle,” but he “needs that extra push to lose the excess fat he’s gained.” In the end, the possibility of liposuction is there too with Rob possibly having “liposuction to his belly, chest, neck, arms, back, and buttocks” which will set him back $50,000. Rob has apparently made it clear that he “just wants to get to a place where he’s finally comfortable in his own body and doesn’t have to hide from his own family members out of embarrassment.”